I Recieved Blood I Received Blood
Julie's paying it back
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In 2010 I had a Hysterectomy. Six hours after my operation I had a catastrophic bleed from a Uterine Artery that had not been tied off.
I was transferred from Manukau Surgical Centre by Ambulance to Middlemore Hospital.
I can remember arriving at Middlemore & being told I had lost 2.4 litres of blood & that I was in a critical condition. I went straight into surgery after saying a possible goodbye to my Husband & Daughter. It was the most scariest time in my life & a sadness came over me as I was wheeled into surgery, as I thought I may never see my kids & my newborn Grandson again.
I received a blood transfusion over 8 hours & I am so bloody grateful EVERY DAY that donors give up their time to save people like me.
Also, I am now working for NZBS as a Qualified Donor Tech & I tell Donors how special they are & how they can give people a second chance at life.
I like to think that working for NZBS & being a donor is my way of paying back the good that others have given me.
Kia Kaha to all blood donors
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