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Performance reporting requirements changed in 2014 in accordance with the Crown Entities Amendment Act 2013.  Like most Government agencies, NZBS will now prepare three main statutory documents: a four year Statement of Intent (SOI) an annual Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) and the Annual Report. 

  • The Statement of Intent provides context and describes the organisations strategic direction for the next four years. 
  • The Statement of Performance Expectations describes what work we plan to undertake over the next year and how performance will be assessed. 
  • The Annual Report outlines what we have achieved in the last year in relation to our stated plan.

In addition, an Annual Review is published each year (from 2013), which outlines a range of stories about the organisation and a shorter version of the financials.  It is available in hard copy at all NZBS sites and here on our website. 

Statement of Intent

The Statement of Intent is tabled in Parliament.   It is prepared in accordance with section 41C and 41D of the Public Finance Act 1989 and section 67(1) of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000. It provides an overview of our strategic priorities and organisational context for the next four years.  The first four year SOI has been produced in 2014 and unless there are significant strategic or contextual changes, the next one will be produced in 2018.

Statement of Intent
NZBS Statement of Intent 2017-2021 (pdf, 2.1 MB)
Statement of Intent Archive
NZBS Statement of Intent 2014-2018 (pdf, 1.1 MB)
NZBS Statement of Intent 2013-2016 (pdf, 1.2 MB)
NZBS Statement of Intent 2012-2015 (pdf, 3.6 MB)
NZBS Statement of Intent 2011-2014 (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Statement of Performance Expectations

The Statement of Performance Expectations is tabled in Parliament.  Taking into account the Minister’s annual Letter of Expectations, it describes what NZBS plans to do each financial year, including the forecast financial statements (budget) and underlying assumptions and how performance is to be measured.

Statement of Performance Expectations
NZBS Annual Statement of Performance Expectations 2018-2019 (pdf, 665 KB)
NZBS Annual Statement of Performance Expectations 2017-2018 (pdf, 1.4 MB)
NZBS Annual Statement of Performance Expectations 2016-2017 (pdf, 1.1 MB)

Quarterly Output Reporting

In accordance with the Minister of Health’s July 2012 Enduring Letter of Expectations NZBS will publish quarterly updates throughout the year on its performance against the targets and measures set in the Statement of Intent.  The Minister has requested this to demonstrate to the public that the NZBS Board operates transparently and discloses non-sensitive entity performance information throughout the year on our website. The full year Performance Monitoring Report is included in the Annual Report 2012-2013 below (pages: 58-70)

Quarterly Monitoring Report
NZBS Quarterly Monitoring Report Q3 FY16 (pdf, 175 KB)

Quarterly Output Reporting Archives
NZBS Quarterly Monitoring Report Q4 FY15 (pdf, 167 KB)
NZBS Quarterly Monitoring Report Q1 FY16 (pdf, 173 KB)
NZBS Quarterly Monitoring Report Q2 FY16 (pdf, 174 KB)

Annual Reports

The Annual Report is our main reporting mechanism to Parliament, and is usually tabled in October.  The Annual Report outlines our performance (including detailed financial performance) compared to performance targets and measures set in the Statement of Performance Expectations.  Prior to 2013 the NZBS financial section in the Annual Report contained an abridged version of the financial reports, with the full set of reports available for public review on the website.  From 2013 the full financial statements have been included in the Annual Report and NZBS has published a separate Annual Review document which contains high level performance and financial information only.

Annual Report
Annual Report 2017-2018 (pdf, 3.8 MB)
Annual Report Archive
Annual Report 2016-2017 (pdf, 2.8 MB)
Annual Report 2015-2016 (pdf, 9.1 MB)
Annual Report 2014-2015 (pdf, 4.7 MB)
Annual Report 2013-2014 (pdf, 4.6 MB)
Annual Report 2012-2013 (pdf, 6.5 MB)
Financial Statements Archive
NZBS Financial Statements 2011-2012 (pdf, 9 MB)
NZBS Financial Statements 2010-2011 (pdf, 11 MB)

Annual Review

From 2013 NZBS commenced publishing a separate Annual Review.  The Annual Review provides a range of stories about NZBS activities over the prior year and discusses issues of interest about blood donation and transfusion medicine; with a just high level overview of the annual financial and performance measures.  The Annual Review is aimed at a broad readership and is used as a communication medium with our important blood donor community.

Annual Review
Annual Review 2017-2018 (pdf, 3.1 MB)

Our People - NZBS Good Employer Report

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) is proud to be committed to being a good employer and providing our people with a great place to work and grow. Ensuring we have a sustainable, competent and engaged workforce is crucial to ensuring we continue to achieve our core purpose.

Our People - NZBS Good Employer Report
Our People - NZBS Good Employer Report 2017-2018 (pdf, 222 KB)

Health Select Committee

NZBS is a Crown entity responsible to New Zealand’s Parliament, which operates the select committee system. Select committees review the performance and operations of Crown entities, government departments and state enterprises enabling members of Parliament to examine issues in more detail than is possible in the House of Representatives. Select committees operate under the authority of the House of Representatives and are required to report to the House.

NZBS appears in front of the Health Select Committee every three to four years and recently appeared (11 February 2015) in relation to its performance in the 2013/14 financial year. The Select committee's findings along with the two NZBS submissions to the committee on its 2013/14 performance may be viewed below.

NZBS Response to Select Committee Questionnaire
NZBS Response to Select Committee Questionnaire (pdf, 1.2 MB)

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