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For Chun, donating blood is time well spent
NZ Blood 13.06.12 46
Growing up in Malaysia I used to donate blood together with my mum. When I came to study at Victoria University of Wellington I continued donating blood as the visiting mobile team of nurses made it very easy and convenient to donate.

Unfortunately I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2015 and at the end of her life she needed bags and bags of blood transfusions. She is the main reason I continue donating blood and every time I do it it is in her memory.

I am a plasma donor and recently completed my 25th donation in New Zealand. Shout out to the Newtown blood center staff Jill, Vera, Alodie, Abe and the many volunteers who serve juice and cookies for donors.

I encourage friends to donate blood. It costs nothing but time, and it is time well spent with the lovely and friendly nurses of the blood center.
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