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Grace overcame her fear so she could donate
NZ Blood 13.06.12 46
When I first donated blood, my friend asked me to join him and because I had a fear of needles, I decided this would actually be really good to not only help people but help me get over my fear. I only got a chance to donate 2 times before falling pregnant, which meant I'd have to wait for 9 months after giving birth. When I am able to donate again I would like to donate plasma after seeing how much my brother needs during and after his chemo blocks. Years ago my brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Luckily he won that battle however he was recently diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia. He has had many blood and plasma transfusions and I am so thankful for all of the people that donate. My sister also lost a battle to leukemia when she was 16 and would love to do what I can to help people in similar situations.
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