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David's donor story
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Like many people I started donating blood at a school donation point in Auckland probably in the mid-70s. My father had been a donor on the Auckland Heart Panel for many years and I had already had a taste of the iron tablets he returned with after every donation. The small brown envelopes filled with pills I was later to associate more with a weekly wage packet. I had previously had a bad experience during a blood taking before a minor nose operation which had left a broken needle in my forearm (removed with pliers and for many years leaving a puncture scar), however this never really was an issue, and I fell into a pattern of donating whilst at University and through my working life, only interrupted by involvement in athletics when, superstitiously, I feared that donating would diminish my prowess.

When I reached about 90 donations of whole blood I changed to donating plasma, both as I had begun to realise how much more efficient my donation would be for long time storage and also as I was able to give more time in my working day to the act of donating. My father's donation card I spoke about at his funeral, as he had made almost 150 donations in his lifetime, and I am getting close to his total and will surely pass it in mine, both of us knowing that we have shared in many stories unknown to us, each one so important to people we will never know.
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