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Barbara has been donating since the 60s
NZ Blood 13.06.12 46
I started giving blood with a group of co-workers when I was 20, in 1963! I was told I am O+ and gave blood for a few years until one time my iron count was low, and as I then lived out of town, I didn't follow it up. But when we moved back to town in 1980 and I heard an appeal for former donors to start giving again, I responded. A NZBS letter advised that my blood had been further identified as R2R2, a sub-group which is 2% of Group O+, and they like to have at least 10 donations of this per week, so my call-ups were more specifically arranged. More recently I have received the usual three monthly call-up. I shall have to stop giving in December 2019 when I turn 76! I hope there are new younger donors who sign up.

It has always been a pleasure to know my donation is welcome and well used!

Barbara McCartney
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