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Barry's story
Me 11May2018
Prior to our first son being born, my wife and I discovered that we had Rhesus Negative blood issues. Not usually a problem and my wife received an inoculation straight after my son's birth to correct the issue.

Unfortunately it didn't work so when son number two came along, he had to be monitored and receive blood transfusions as soon as he was born.

Son number three and later our daughter both had to receive blood transfusions before they were born as well as immediately after their birth.

Worrying times then but now they're all adults and lead normal healthy lives. And for that we'll always be grateful for the blood donors that, through their generosity, provided the necessities of life needed at that time.

That's our story and why I made the decision to become a Plasma donor. Little effort required from me and pleased I can give back to those that find themselves in circumstances where they need a bit of help.
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