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Why Andrew became a donor
NZ Blood WBD 2011 330
In 1977 (I think, it may have been 1976) the Dunedin Blood Donor team visited my school, Otago Boys' High School. I was more on the academic side than the sporting side of things, but thought I'd go into the cafeteria for a look at what was going on. When I saw two of the really BIG lads, both members of the school's Rugby 1st XV, faint at the sight of blood or needles or both, I was even more determined to make a donation and prove I was 'braver' than they were!
I successfully donated, and then started going to the local centre which was then in Dunedin Hospital itself, and have been donating ever since.
My total donations to date number 67, although this is quite a way short of the mark, as I was seemingly lost from the system for a few years due to shifting around the country for my work, and not always being picked up from the national database when donating blood in a new town. I estimate I have actually made at least 100 donations overall - over the 40 years or so since I started. It's just so worthwhile, and so easy.
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