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Lauren's donor story
NZ Blood 300+ Donor 13.06.12 26
I have always felt blood/plasma donation is my civil duty. I would like blood and blood products available to my family if needed and how can I expect this without giving in return?
I tried many times in my earlier years to give blood. My father was a seasoned blood donor and I wanted to be too. However, I got thwarted. Firstly by timing of pregnancies, breastfeeding and the whole post baby deal. Then my having had a run in with cervical cancer seemed the end of it all. I was told not to come back. Cancer = no donating. Wrong! My daughter put me right many years later and to test her theory, I had another go. This time I was accepted and my donating has continued since then. I am predominantly a plasma donor and try to make donating a three weekly occurrence.
I work with eight other people in the medical arena and I get very frustrated that only two of us, both receptionists are the only ones to give blood/plasma. Very lacking in my opinion. Everyone that can donate, should donate.
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