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Claire's donor story
NZ Blood 300+ Donor 13.06.12 26
I was 16 years old when I heard about a competition on the radio that they were giving away two Simply Red tickets to the 9th person who gave blood. My sister and I are big fans so I went along and gave my first blood donation and was given two tickets which I then gave to my sister as her birthday present saying: I bled to get this tickets for you. I have been a donor ever since. Only pausing when overseas and when pregnant/feeding my two boys. I am in competition with my husband on who has donated the most, so when I see he has booked an appointment I try to sneak one in before him. My 16 year old son is soon to become a donor also. I don't feel I do enough in life to help people, but knowing I do this makes me feel good. You just never know when you may need it and if I or any of my family or friends may be in a position to need blood it makes me happy that I may have contributed to that. Thanks.
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