What started as a one-off onsite blood drive at Auckland’s Watercare facilities has now turned into a lifesaving tradition thanks to New Zealand Blood Service’s (NZBS) group donation programme – Team Red.

Massage therapist Nicole Huston prides herself on being someone her patients turn to when they’re under stress or anxiety, but when the 27-year-old suffered the most stressful moment of her own life, she admits she didn’t quite know who to turn to.

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) is temporarily closing four of its regional blood collections centres over the Christmas holiday period for six business days.

Josephine always knew she wanted to become a blood donor – the thought of potentially saving three lives with a single whole blood donation always appealed to her but a serious needle phobia kept her constantly at bay.

Avishta has been donating blood for nearly a decade despite her needle phobia.

Pharoah had never been seriously ill before – always healthy and an avid gym enthusiast.

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