Celebrating New Zealand Blood Service's 20th Anniversary

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary with Health Minister Hon Dr David Clark at the Parliamentary buildings in Wellington this Tuesday 31st July, to commemorate the important milestone.

NZBS was created and appointed as the Crown Entity responsible for the national provision of all blood services and blood products 20 years ago this month. The creation of an integrated national blood service marked a significant change in the New Zealand health sector, and over the years NZBS has become a self-sustaining, model agency that many international blood services seek to emulate.

Sam Cliffe, the Chief Executive Officer of NZBS, along with Health Minister Hon Dr David Clark will be accompanied by milestone donors and recipients as well as long-serving staff members for an evening of celebration, to express gratitude to all those who have played such a vital role to NZBS these past 20 years.

“Since NZBS’s inception in 1998, staff and its dedicated donors have saved and/or improved the lives of over half a million of us. We’re delighted to have reached this milestone” says Sam Cliffe.

“First and foremost, I’d like to thank Hon Dr David Clark for his unconditional support, and secondly, I must extend an infinite and massive thanks to our committed staff and selfless donors who understand that there’s no alternative for patients in need of blood or blood products,” says Ms Cliffe.

“Since its formation, NZBS has striven for excellence in meeting the needs of donors, patients, staff members and the health of the wider community on a national scale,” she says. “With a hard-working staff and committed donors, we’ve successfully made NZBS the lifeblood of New Zealand.”

Every whole blood donation has the potential to save up to three lives. Since 1998, more than 600,000 individual donors have rolled up their sleeve to help a fellow Kiwi in need.

Hon Dr David Clark comments: “I’m personally very pleased to mark this event, for 20 years of excellent service is no easy feat. Since its creation, NZBS has offered Kiwis peace of mind in knowing there is a safe and secure supply of blood and blood products available to them should they ever need them – a special service every New Zealander can count on.”

“NZBS donors and its teams save lives, and we’re here to celebrate that. For their courage and their commitment, to all those involved in NZBS, whether it be a staff member, a donor, a recipient or a volunteer: New Zealand thanks you for all that you do!”



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