Blood Brothers help 2,000 New Zealanders

Many of us who grew up with brothers and sisters around know a little bit about sibling rivalry. But for the Ward brothers ‘He started it!’ was the rallying cry that kicked off over two decades of good behaviour.

Big brother Caleb set off to a mobile blood drive to give blood for the first time in 1991. It was an inauspicious start. He nearly fainted and didn’t go back for another three years! But when his Mum started donating in 1994 she shared her enthusiasm with her sons. Caleb and Jason began their 23 year relationship with New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS).

Youngest brother John says he began donating because ‘I didn't want to miss the fun!’ He recently made his 250th donation, and has nearly caught up with eldest brother Caleb. ‘Becoming a regular donor ensured that I wouldn't get left behind in donations!’ he says. Not at all competitive then.

The Ward brothers

Donor Recruiter Sandy Boal, who joined NZBS in 2004 and has known the brothers for 13 years, explains that ‘each and every one of the staff here [in Christchurch] values their time and commitment’.

Between them, the Ward brothers have now rolled up their sleeves an epic 670 times. Together they have made life better for up to 2,000 Kiwis.

‘It has become a part of my life and it's a great thing to be able to be helping those in need,’ John says.

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