Twitter policy

The @nzblood Twitter account - link) 

The @nzblood Twitter account is managed by the New Zealand Blood Service Marketing team. For the team’s tracking purposes, we may sometimes follow tweets with our initials, i.e. ^AB.

The account is generally monitored during office hours, Monday to Friday. Occasionally Twitter may be unavailable, during which time we won't be able to monitor our account.

Typically our tweets cover news from the Blood Service, our current campaigns and other articles or publications of interest relevant to New Zealand Blood Service.

Following us

While we do aim to follow our followers, we can't guarantee to do so for every person who follows the @nzblood account. It is also important to note that being followed by @nzblood does not imply endorsement of any kind.

@Replies and Direct Messages

We welcome your feedback and ideas, but we can't guarantee we will reply individually to every Tweet or Direct Message we receive.

The team in charge of monitoring the @nzblood account will endeavour to read all @replies and Direct Messages (DMs) and ensure that any emerging themes, helpful suggestions or enquiries are passed on to the relevant people at New Zealand Blood Service.

The usual ways of contacting us for official correspondence can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website.

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