Meet NZ’s youngest female plasma donor!

Sarah is New Zealand’s youngest female plasma donor. She took time out from her first year of university to tell us why she first gave blood and what made her switch to plasma.

I was in year 12 when I started giving blood. There was a blood drive at my school and I thought ‘Why not?’ If I could save someone's life by giving a small amount of my time, that would make my day.

I chose to switch to plasma because I was told you don't feel as tired afterwards, as you don't give your red blood cells. I had noticed that after giving blood I felt exhausted for the rest of the day, but after giving plasma I don't feel lethargic at all.

I enjoy staying active and playing sports; netball, touch rugby, running and cycling. I’ve just started studying Health Science at Otago University so it's been quite busy lately, but I'll definitely try to keep up regular donations. I only live a couple of minutes away from the Donor Centre in Dunedin.

I know quite a few people who can't donate because of they aren’t eligible, due to weight and height criteria, medication, and so on. A few people have said to me ‘I would donate if I could’.

I donate because I know people need plasma and that there are considerably fewer people who give plasma compared to the number that give blood. New plasma donors are always needed.

Giving blood and plasma – and knowing that someone else will benefit from me giving only a small amount of my time – makes me feel really good.


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