Meet Lily Ye our qualified Donor Technician

I have worked at NZBS for more than 10 years as a Qualified Donor Technician.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to upgrade my skills from collecting whole blood, to also collecting plasma. Now all Donor Technicians can do both which makes our work really interesting.

My job is much more than simply inserting needles. My varied workload includes observing donors during donations and post donation, giving extra care when they need it, correctly entering blood and blood products into our computer system, and packing and delivering them to our processing department in a timely manner. The safety of our blood and plasma donors and their donations is our top priority.

NZBS delivers a "vein to vein" service from donors to patients. My job is at the beginning of the whole journey, which is very important. I always try my best to make sure our donors have a good experience and our blood products are safe for everyone.

We are constantly adapting to meet the fast changing needs of the healthcare sector. For example, as plasma demand has increased significantly in recent years, NZBS now collects much more plasma than before.

Our donors are special people who are helpful, willing and cheerful. I feel very lucky and privileged to serve them, and at the same time enjoy interacting with them. Our plasma donors can donate more regularly than our whole blood donors so we get to know them on a first name basis.

NZBS is committed to providing a safe and consistent supply of blood and blood products to Kiwis who need it. I am proud of being a NZBS team member.

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