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    Christopher's Heart of Gold

    Blood donor Christopher is a young man with a very big heart. On Valentine’s Day this year we are sharing his heart-warming and inspiring tale of romance, love and generosity.

    "A few years ago I used to go bowling every couple of weeks with a youth group called Lifestart. Little did I know that one of those days at the bowling alley would change my life.

    When it came to my turn to bowl, I looked to my right and saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. My eyes lit up. I asked my friends if they knew her and someone told me that her name was Stacey. I fell in love with her at first sight.

    I wanted to go up and introduce myself but I was just too shy. At the end of the game I left for the night without saying a word to her. Back home I lay in bed thinking of how I could win her heart. After tossing and turning I came up with the idea of crafting a heart shaped box for her.

    I spent a week drawing up the plans, working out exactly what size it would be and how I would make it. At school I worked on it for six months, taking care to varnish it and get it just right.

    At the next bowling event I was excited to see Stacey again and give her the gift I had poured so much love and care into. That night someone told me that Stacey had stopped coming to the youth group. I felt so down, and it took me a while to pick myself up again after that. I focused on trying to find a job, but I never forgot Stacey.

    In the new year I started a new course. Everyone on the course was there for the first day apart from one girl, whose name was… Stacey. I just about shot up from my seat hearing the name, and hoped against all odds that it would be the same Stacey.

    Christopher giving bloodThe next day I found out that it was. We spent six months getting to know each other and then we became a couple. As the months passed and Christmas approached I looked forward to giving her the heart box I had made just for her. I wanted to steal her heart with something truly special, so I bought a heart locket that I put inside the box for her. Stacey was so happy with the present, and even more so when she heard the story that you’ve just read.

    I’ve got a big heart, and I donate blood because I believe that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. I hope each time I donate that I’m bringing a smile and inspiring other people to donate as well."

    If, like Christopher, you’ve got a heart of gold, why not share your generosity and transform someone’s life? Every blood donation can save or improve up to three people’s lives. Become a life saver today. 

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