Detailed eligibility criteria

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I just got a tattoo. Can I donate?

You cannot donate for 4 months after receiving a tattoo. This also applies to cosmetic tattooing.

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Termination of pregnancy


See deep vein thrombosis

Other thrombosis – please call your local Donor Centre or 0800 GIVE BLOOD (0800 448 325) and ask to speak with a nurse.

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How long does it take to donate blood?

The entire process of giving blood takes approximately 60 minutes. This includes filling in the Donor Health Questionnaire Form and the confidential interview with the nurse. The donation itself takes only 5-10 minutes, and finally 10-15 minutes to rest and have refreshment afterwards.

The rest period after each donation is an important part of the process. Your body is adjusting to a reduced blood volume and will be slowly moving fluid from your tissues back into your blood. Having a drink is also an important part of replacing the volume of blood you have donated.

For your safety it is strongly recommended that you rest for 10-15 minutes after the blood donation to minimise the risk of fainting.

A plasma donation takes longer than a whole blood donation - about 45 minutes for the collection period. The same comments apply as for whole blood donation.

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Tooth extraction

I have had a tooth / teeth extracted. When can I donate?

If the extraction was uncomplicated we will ask you to wait 7 days. If the extraction involved multiple teeth or resulted in complications, we will ask you to wait 4 weeks after full recovery.

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Toxoplasma infection/toxoplasmosis

I have had toxoplasma infection. When can I donate?

We ask you to wait for 6 months from full recovery and completing antibiotic treatment.

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I've recently been overseas. When can I donate?

Most people who travel outside New Zealand are able to donate blood when they return. However travel to some areas may result in a stand down period.

To find out if you can donate please check the Donating after Travelling tool if you have been overseas recently to find out when you can donate next.

Please also see "lived in the UK".
For specific information regarding Zika virus click here.

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