Detailed eligibility criteria

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What prescribed medications will defer someone from donating?

Most prescribed medicines do not defer someone from donating, however, the underlying condition for which the medicine has been prescribed may affect eligibility to donate. Some medicines that must not be given to pregnant women and new-born babies, for example Roaccutane (for the treatment of acne) and Neotigason (for the treatment of psoriasis) and Acetretin (for acne or psoriasis). If you are taking any of these medications you will be deferred whilst taking the medication and for a certain time afterwards to ensure it does not remain in your blood.

Please call your local Donor Centre or 0800 GIVE BLOOD (0800 448) and ask to speak with a nurse if you have any queries about medications.

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I am having my period. Can I donate?

Menstruation does not affect the ability of most women to donate.

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Miscarriage or stillbirth

I have had a miscarriage. Can I donate?

After having had a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy, we will ask you to wait for a period related to the duration of the pregnancy. The interval is determined from the likely iron loss associated with the pregnancy.

  • Up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, wait 3 months.
  • Between 12-24 weeks, wait 6 months.
  • Occurring after 24 weeks, wait 9 months.

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Multiple sclerosis

I have multiple sclerosis (MS). Can I donate?

No. To protect your health and safety, and because the nature of this condition is still uncertain, NZ Blood Service is unable to accept you as a blood donor.

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