Detailed eligibility criteria

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Leukaemia or lymphoma

I had leukaemia or lymphoma. Can I donate?

No, people with a history of leukaemia or lymphoma are permanently unable to donate blood.

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I have had liposuction. Can I donate?

We will ask you wait for one month after liposuction and full recovery, before donating.

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Lived in the UK

Can I donate blood if I have lived in the UK, France or the Republic of Ireland?

If you lived in the UK, France or the Republic of Ireland for a total of six months or more between 1980 and 1996 then unfortunately you will be permanently deferred from donating blood in New Zealand.

This is because of CJD and vCJD – the human form of “mad cow disease”. We simply do not know enough about these conditions and how they are spread. At present there are no tests available to detect these conditions in blood donations. As a result, New Zealand and many other countries have introduced this criteria. People who have visited or lived for 6 months or more between 1980 and 1996 in the UK, France or the Republic of Ireland where there may be an increased risk of acquiring vCJD may not give blood donations. The same applies to people who have received transfusions in these countries since 1980. For more information click here.

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Liver function

I have been told by the NZ Blood Service in the past that my ALT (liver function test) was too high for me to donate. If my ALT is back to normal, am I OK to donate?

Our current guidelines state that as long as your doctor has excluded any important ongoing liver disease we can accept you back as a blood donor.

Please call your local Donor Centre or 0800 GIVE BLOOD (0800 448 325) and ask to speak with a nurse if you need more information.

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Lyme disease

I have had lyme disease. Can I donate?

Lyme disease is caused by bites of certain species of ticks. You are eligible to donate 6 months after you have recovered fully and are certified fit by your doctor.

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