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Jeanette is nearing 100 donations!
NZ Blood 13.06.12 46
I started donating when I was sixteen. There was a big blood donation drive happening in Hamilton so my boss where I worked then suggested I donate. My parents had to sign giving permission! I was so nervous going for the first time and when I walked into the hall a young guy had just finished donating and instead of resting for a while he got straight up and was unconscious by the time he hit the floor. Not only that but as they carried him away he wet himself. Not a good introduction for an extremely nervous young teenager but 57 years later I am still donating! To me giving blood is a simple way of helping others. It doesn't cost you anything monetary wise, it just costs you a small amount of your time. If people ask why I donate I always say it is a simple way to help others and the bonus is it is a free checkup on your health. I am now getting close to the magic number of 100 donations, no mean feat for a woman who is not a plasma donor and my goal is to achieve this. I would urge anyone reading this story and are not a donor to have a go - you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain knowing you are helping others who desperately need this help. Finally you never know, you may be the one needing a blood transfusion one day!!

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