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Why George donates regularly
NZ Blood 13.06.12 46
I started donating blood in Taupo back in the late 70's when the Waikato Blood Centre would visit every 6 months. Back then it just seemed a very worthwhile thing to do.

On moving to Cambridge in 1993 I soon continued the regular donations and am now the local contact for our company in Hamilton. It is really pleasing to have a very committed group of people in the company who regularly give blood. With just over 100 staff in Hamilton and a group of 16 staff who regularly give blood it is easy for me to provide donors for the regular 3 month call up. I think someone once told me that on average only 4% of people give blood so we are doing very well.

Over the years I have been extremely impressed with the blood centre staff who are always friendly, chatty and very efficient at getting us all through in a timely fashion even when several of us descend on the centre at the same time.

Right now due to my age I am only eligible to donate for another 4 years so I intend to make the most of that.
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