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Over 130 donations and still going strong!
NZ Blood 13.06.12 46
I started donating whole blood in 1968 when a blood collection bus came to the small country town of Ruawai in Northland. My initial fears of having a pint of blood removed from me were quickly erased as the donor team were very professional and the procedure was painless. Over the years I made a point of donating every 3 months, only missing a year when my wife and I did our OE. Knowing that each donation can potentially help save three lives, I have made a point of donating on a consistent basis every three months. My next donation in late June will take me to 139 whole blood donations. My target is 160+ donations before I am unable to donate beyond the age of 76, subject to being in good health. Oh, the biscuits and coffee after each donation and the friendly volunteer refreshment makers are always an added bonus. It's all about giving back to the community. I hope this story will encourage others to give a little of their time and become donors or continue donating at their nearest blood donation centre.
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