Filling the gaps together - Thank you New Zealand

In August 2016 New Zealand Blood Service took part in the largest ever global donor recruitment campaign.  25 blood services across 21 countries used one simple idea – removing the letters A and O from logos, brand names, and social media accounts to highlight the need for more donors with these blood types.

In New Zealand the response to the campaign was overwhelming.

National Manager Marketing and Communications, Asuka Burge said she knew the campaign would be powerful, but even she was not prepared for the nationwide reaction.

“From iconic sports teams to world-leading businesses, we have had amazing support, ”says Burge. “Missing Type captured the nation’s imagination and it was fanatic to see everyday New Zealanders also get behind the cause and remove the A’s and O’s from their social media accounts and even help us to trend on Twitter.

“More importantly, the campaign struck a chord with many people who realised it was more than just a clever hashtag.  During the campaign, we had a 7400% increase in online registrations and over 2,000 people registered to become first-time blood donors in 10 days.  These new donors have the potential to save and improve the lives of up to 6000 people.

“We set the ambitious target of gaining 10,000 first-time donors, and while there is still a lot of work to do to reach that figure, we are confident the success of Missing Type means more New Zealanders are considering the importance of becoming a blood donor.”

In the first 48 hours of its launch, Missing Type hit the top three trending topics on Twitter. The campaign started with 48 partners, and before long, more than 80 companies had joined the call to help encourage people to become first-time donors.

“On behalf of everyone at New Zealand Blood Service and all people whose lives are touched by the gift of blood donation, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the campaign.”

To help put a face to the typically anonymous donation process, NZBS has created a ‘thank you’ video giving thanks to our everyday heroes; NZ Blood donors and NZBS. You can view and download this story here

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