Giving the gift from the heart - together

Around this time of year, New Zealand Blood Service is happy to see many couples throughout the country who like to ‘make a date to donate’ together around Valentine’s Day and give a gift that’s truly from the heart - the gift of life.

We’ve heard some wonderful stories over the years – couples that donate together regularly, families that inspire each other to donate, and siblings who catch up over their regular plasma donations – all sorts!

Booking an appointment to donate blood with your partner, family member or a friend is a unique way to catch up while saving lives together. Special people in our lives share stories, a shoulder to cry on, and plenty of laughs – why not share the experience of donating blood together too? Between the two of you, you can save up to six lives! (As every single donation has the potential to help save up to three lives.)

Whether one of you needs their hand held, you want to spend more quality time together, or you’re a regular donor eager to share the experience, making a date to donate is an ideal way to keep in touch. We even provide hot drinks and biscuits for you to share at the end.

So next time you donate –encourage a special someone to come donate and enjoy a chinwag and a cuppa with you. Phone 0800 GIVE BLOOD or click here to make an appointment for you and your friend to donate together.

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