International Volunteer Day 2014

International Volunteer’s Day on the 5th of December is the day when organisations world wide acknowledge the huge contribution made by the volunteers that support them on a daily basis.  New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) not only has volunteers who give of their time to donate blood, plasma and platelets, but has a small "army” of volunteers who give hours of their time to look after donor's refreshments at both static sites and mobile blood drives.

Hazel and Eddie Mollier are a classic example - they lead busy lives in their retirement, but have also worked 212 hours each for the Blood Service in the past year as donor support volunteers.

Their contribution makes the donors experience a much more pleasant one, and is appreciated by donors and staff alike. 

“They are terrific; always friendly and smiling", says a donor from Hamilton   

"We call them “The Teenagers", says Sioux Lingman, Collections Team Leader, Hamilton "It is as if all the lights in Paris turn on when they walk into the room!"

NZBS will be recognising their volunteers across the country on International Volunteers Day on 5th December.  On this is a special day we would like to thank and acknowledge all of our volunteers throughout the country who help out in a variety of ways to make our blood drives and blood donation experience for donors a positive one! From helping out with tea and biscuits, putting up posters in the community to helping to organise and run the blood drives, we truly appreciate your invaluable time and wonderful commitment.

To find out more about being a volunteer you can click here.

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