Christchurch Boys encourage others to donate because it saved their friend’s life

Children are our future – in more ways than one. The students at Christchurch Boys High School rallied their fellow students and school staff, showing maturity and responsibility beyond their years, to raise the profile of New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) and the importance of donating blood. Giving others a future one would say, before even realising their own.

Their mission started with a business class assignment to raise money for charity. But outside-of-the-box thinking, led them to NZBS instead. They were strongly motivated by a close friend, Jock, who had needed an emergency Bone Marrow Transplant and multiple blood transfusions to save his life.

The challenge the boys set was to lift NZBS’ profile, encourage a new generation of blood donors, and get people to donate on a regular basis by holding a blood drive at the school. A challenge considering the school already holds an annual blood donation day, which meant they would need to work extra hard to ensure a target number of donations would be collected at this additional blood drive.

Scott Burnett, one of the students involved says, “We think donating blood is really important – as you never know who is going to need it – you or a family member could be in Jock’s shoes one day. Your blood saves lives like Jock’s. Without it, his outcome would have been very different.”

In the lead up to the Blood Drive, Teacher, Craig Dunnett, explains, “The donor recruiter, Jane Condell, really inspired everyone. She visited the school and explained exactly what happened to donated blood and its components. We then held a registration straight afterwards. Once they knew the impact they can have on someone else’s future, it was easy to get students to sign up.”

An ambitious goal of 60 donations was set. On the day, they beat their goal by three donations. The 63 donations also included 43 new donors - a result they are really proud of.

NZBS says the students of Christchurch Boys High School set an outstanding example and can’t say thank you enough to all the donors who took part.

To find out more about becoming a blood donor, click here or call 0800 GIVE BLOOD.

To access the NZBS educational material and resources for teachers, please click here or email us at

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