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    Be someone’s perfect match this Valentine’s Day

    Couples and friends can make appointments to donate together on or around Valentine’s Day, after which first-time donors will be able to find out their blood type and how their donations will help others.

    “In addition to being you’re partners ‘type’, you may also be the perfect match for someone in need of donated blood,” says Paul Hayes, NZ Blood Service’s National Marketing and Communications Manager.

    “All donated blood is precious, but each blood type has its own special set of qualities that mean it may be able to be used in specialist treatments or to make blood-derived medicines.”

    “Beyond blood types, you could have a high platelet count or be a good candidate for donating plasma, making you a real catch for these special donations. Or, there may be other factors in your blood that could make you someone’s unexpected knight in shining armour for specific  transfusions, such as to newborn babies,” explains Paul.

    To make an appointment to donate together with your partner or friends for Valentine’s Day, phone 0800 GIVE BLOOD.

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