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I Received Blood

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Angela Zalkalnins Copy

Angela's Story


I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia very suddenly in August 2015. I was admitted to hospital straightaway and started extensive chemotherapy treatment. As part of the process I had 29 transfusions of red cells and 28 platelet transfusions. I know that without the blood and platelets I would not have made it. I cannot thank all the people I know who donate blood enough because I would otherwise be dead. That is the honest truth.

That wasn’t the first time I had needed blood products, however. When my sons were born I needed injections of a product made from plasma, called Anti-D Immunoglobulin. As my blood type is negative and my babies’ blood type was positive, I was given the injections to prevent my body from producing antibodies against the other blood type.

Knowing that people are donating makes me so happy. They are saving lives without even knowing who they are saving. I am only 38 years old with two active boys and I wouldn’t be around to see them grow into men if it wasn’t for the kindness of the donors.

Every time I received a transfusion I gave a silent prayer of thanks to the donor. Because of my blood type (O Negative) I can only receive donations from O Negative donors. Knowing my blood type is rare makes receiving these donations even more precious.

The more people that start donating, the more lives that will be saved.