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Blood donor

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Yang's Story

My name is Yang Zhang. I was a backpacker from China, working at Hellers in Christchurch when NZ Blood came to our plant and I had my first blood donating experience.

At first I was quite nervous and scared. The nurse there carefully did a blood test and asked me some questions to make sure I was eligible to donate. During the donation process she was very nice to talk to me, making me less stressed, and I had my very unforgettable first donating experience in New Zealand.

A few weeks later I got my donor card, telling me my blood type, and a thank you letter telling me how I'd helped by donating blood.

Now I've finished my working holiday in New Zealand and I'm studying in China. My experience donating blood was really, really unforgettable. I’m so happy that I could help others by giving a little. I’d like to thank NZ Blood for giving us ordinary people a chance to help others, and also for helping other people who in need of blood. I’d also like to thank all the blood donors. You are the ones that save other people’s lives. You are all great people!