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Blood donor

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Alex Machattie Square

Mum's Christmas wish comes true


Since losing my stepfather to myelodysplasia/myelofibrosis four years ago, my mother has always wanted to give blood as a thank you to those who helped through my stepfather's cancer treatment. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with MGUS and is unable to donate.

When we asked mum what she wanted for Christmas last year all she asked for was for her four children to give back by donating blood.

So I got some time of work, drove for an hour, got over my hate for needles, and finally donated blood for the first time to fulfil my mother’s Christmas wish.

It was an emotional experience but I felt so proud doing this one little thing, knowing I could help others one day and possibly my own mother when the time comes. I can't wait to do it all again and hope others will take the time to do it as well.