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Blood donor

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Nikoli Foreman 2 Copy

Nikoli: “If you can, just do it!”


Nikoli wears a few hats at St John. In one of her roles, as a Community Educator, Nikoli teaches kids first aid.
She likes knowing that the St John team are not only saving lives while out on the road but by donating blood too.
As she hasn’t been able to donate the last couple of times the mobile blood drive has been nearby, Nikoli is pleased to be able to donate at the first blood drive to be held at St John’s headquarters in Mount Wellington, Auckland.
Knowing her mum is unwell and might need donated blood is a good reason for Nikoli to roll up her sleeves and give the red stuff, and she encourages her own kids to donate too. Her message for anyone considering donating? “If you can, just do it!”