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Blood donor

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Max Havaux 3

Max: 'I'd totally recommend it'


Max first started giving blood in his home country of Belgium, while at university. The blood service there was offering students free movie tickets in exchange for a pint of the red stuff. Now living in New Zealand, Max is making his fourth donation with New Zealand Blood Service. And he's not alone.

Max has organised a group trip with his colleagues from ad agency OMD. The door-to-door shuttle service offered by the Blood Service is great, he says. Everyone has their own reason for wanting to give blood, Max muses, but when you can get a lift to and from the blood drive it makes it a lot easier to do.

After donating for 12 years, what would Max say to people who are thinking about giving blood? 'I'd totally recommend it,' he says, 'you don't feel anything.'
'Plus,' he adds, 'you get cookies and drinks after!'