Are you eligible image

Are You Eligible?

Watch this clip for infomation about donating blood.


It's in our blood

Watch our new video ad "Saving lives it's in our blood"

The Donation Process video gallery

The Donation Process

Find out what it's like to donate and go through the process. 

Becoming a Special Platelet Donor video gallery

Becoming a Special Platelet Donor

Every donation is separated into red cells, plasma and platelets.

Donor Nurses video gallery

Donor Nurses

Find out what role our Nurses play at the New Zealand Blood Service


Processing & Donation Accreditation

What happens to your blood after it has been collected? Find out the role of our Processing and Donation Accreditation Teams.

Lend an arm

Will You Lend an Arm?

New Zealand Blood Service needs new donors. Please check your eligibility and book an appointment to donate

This year School

This year do something SPECIAL

Watch to learn some interesting facts about donating, the eligibility criteria and the donations process - all in 3:12 minutes!

Plasma Liquid Gold video gallery

Plasma - Liquid Gold

Have you ever wondered what plasma is and who it can help?

white cell filter medium

What happens to my Blood Donation

So you've come to donate life-giving blood, and enjoyed your post-donation refreshments and biscuits.

Logistics video gallery


How does New Zealand Blood Service get the right product to the right patient at the right time?

Tissue Typing

Tissue Typing & Red Cell Serology

Find out more about our Tissue Typing and Red Cell Serology Departments.


NZBS Company Profile

Find out more about NZBS and what we do.


Why Donate?

Discover what motivates young New Zealanders to give blood and the reasons why they roll up their sleeves each year in schools around New Zealand as regular blood donors.

Partners for Life

Partners for Life

Partners for Life - Help make your organisation a life-saving one!

Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Find out the role of Blood Banks in New Zealand Hospitals.

Donor Recruitment Administration video gallery

Donor Recruitment/ Administration

Find out the role our Donor Recruiters and Administration Staff play at the New Zealand Blood Service.

Give us a hand video gallery

Give us a hand

Help lend a hand to 42,000 New Zealanders who need help each year by donating blood.

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