Appointment - FAQs

The following FAQ applies to the website online appointment system only.

For any issues around the mobile phone app please email

Signing in

Q: I’m having trouble signing in, even though I have registered online before.
Check that you are using the email address that you originally signed on with and try again. Alternatively see the question below to reset your password. If this does not work, please contact   

Q: I can’t remember my password
Type in your email address and date of birth in the first screen and click on Sign in. Red text will appear that says “Click here if you forgot your password”. Complete the steps as instructed and your new password will be emailed to you.

Q: My new password doesn’t work
Try copying and pasting it from the original email as it is case sensitive. If you have copied and pasted it and it still doesn't work, check that the last character is not a full stop (may be accidentally pasted from the original email).

Q: It says I’m locked out of the account – what should I do?
We apologise for the inconvenience – please email us at, with your Donor ID number and we will unlock this. In the meantime you can call us on 0800 GIVE BLOOD (0800 448 325) to make your appointment.

Q: I get a warning that the page does not have a valid security certificate – what should I do?
This may be because you are using Firefox. Firefox users may need to add an SSL certificate exception to the Firefox so they can Book an appointment. Information about how to do this is available at URL: (external link) .

Searching for a Donation Site

Q: What is the Distance field for?
By adding in a number here, it will search for a donation site within a distance of, for example, 15 kilometres from the centre of the Postcode or City you have put in.

Q: What is the Postcode that it defaults to?
The Postcode field automatically populates with the postcode for your home address. If you wish to search within a distance close to your workplace, replace this with the postcode of your work address, and all searches will use this as the new origin to search from.

Q: What are the “From” and “To” fields for?
These two fields allow you to select dates between which you wish to donate. E.g. if you wish to donate sometime in January just select the dates "From" 1/01/2011 "To" 31/01/2011, and your search will bring up the available sites during the month of January.

Q: No donation sites come up when I search?
Try using the Advanced Search option on the left. There are 5 ways you can search, but we recommend the following:

  1. by Distance - add your postcode, distance, dates.
  2. by City Name - add city name, distance, dates
  3. by Search by name or Address Keyword  (RECOMMENDED)

If you are still having issues please also try the following:

  1. Expand the date range in the From and To section,
  2. Expand the Distance in km to a larger number.
  3. Check the spelling of your City name, or try is in the Search by name or Address Keyword section.

My Profile section

Q: If I update my address details here – will it automatically update my details held by the Blood Service?
No it does not, this will only update you online web appointment address details. If you have moved, please complete the Change of Address details on NZ Post website (external link) (this will update your details held by us). Alternatively please let us know when you come in to donate so that we can update your records.

Donation History section

Q: My Donation History isn’t showing?
Go to “My Profile” and if you have already donated once before, enter in your Donor ID number. Now your Donation History will show.

Q: What is a “Changeover Donation”?
This is a donation where the blood flow was too slow or did not start. The nurse will remove the needle, and after asking for your permission, will insert a brand new needle into your other arm to obtain your donation.

 If you are having trouble using the online appointment system and your question is not listed above, please email us at

You can also call 0800 GIVE BLOOD (0800 448 325) to make your appointment.

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