R Redpath Ltd is proud to be part of 'Partners for Life' after experiencing first-hand the importance of regular blood donations and the difference a large business like theirs could make. 

Travelling is often described as a ‘rite of passage’ for Kiwis, so New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) has created a ‘Donating After Travelling’ tool to help inform you of when you can next donate blood after returning from your overseas trip.

There is no substitute for blood - despite what internet articles will have you believe about amazing advances in medicine and technology, human blood cannot be synthetically replicated or replaced by animal blood.

Are you a blood donor newbie? Not sure what to expect the first time you give blood? Here’s what you need to know about the donation process from check-in to the choccie biscuit at the end, along with some useful tips to remember along the way.

The global theme for the 2014 World Blood Donor Day campaign is ‘Safe blood for safe motherhood’, and in New Zealand we are recognising our donors for their life-saving contribution to new mothers and babies in need of blood and blood products.

In 2004 the World Health Organisation began World Blood Donor Day as a global, annual campaign to draw worldwide attention to the ongoing global need for blood donors, as well as to thank blood donors for their lifesaving contributions.

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) understands that the best way to encourage a lifelong commitment to donating blood is to create a positive interest in blood and blood donating, and to start this interest at an early age.  Through education, NZBS is committed to providing teachers and students with opportunities...

In 2013, NZBS invited an external expert review group to undertake an independent review, with the principal task to review the ongoing appropriateness of exclusion of potential donors on the basis of current or past sexual behaviours, to ensure the ongoing safety of blood and blood products provided in New Zealand.

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