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Blood donation is all about the generosity of voluntary unpaid donors giving blood for the benefit of other people in their community. Here are some stories that give a human face to our unsung heroes the blood donor and the people they have helped.

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Harry's Story

Harry may have been born with an extremely rare genetic disorder, but thanks to blood donors around the country, you wouldn’t know it. This adventurous 20 month old keeps his parents on their toes like every other toddler.

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Bob's Story

It’s the Robin to Batman, Gromit to Wallace, Milhouse to Bart, or Goose to Maverick. One would not be whole without the other. Plasma may be our red blood cell’s lesser talked about side kick, but it is just as...


Destiny's Story

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare realising something is wrong with their child. At nine months old, rather than beginning to crawl, Destiny Te Moananui Te Ahuru lost the movement in her legs.

Jess and Kids

Jesse's Story

Having completed a project during university in which she led a group to help promote blood drives to university students, she discovered she had a real passion for encouraging young Kiwis to donate blood.


Blood and bone marrow saved my life

Amanda Iese was only 20 years old when she noticed that she had bruises appearing on her body, was feeling faint and had a loss in appetite.  


Brendan's Story

Having already received 2 units of red cells, 2 units of platelets, 2 units of plasma and well over 300 vials of plasma-derived blood products in his lifetime, seven year old Brendan Judd is an extremely courageous child who needs...

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Shane's Story

Shane reckons most people who donate blood don’t realise how big an impact such a small act has on other people’s lives. And he should know – he’s had so many blood transfusions he’s lost count, but he estimates well...


Andrea’s Story

Andrea Moon is so passionate about donating blood, she even raves about it on her Facebook page. For Andrea, family is everything. Blood is thicker than water and that is why she does it – for her children; just in case.

Quinn website

Quinn's Story

Eight-year-old Quinn Hautapu from Palmerston North is a true Belieber (Justin Bieber fan) and is in remission after being treated for a very rare brain tumour.In January 2013, Quinn complained of a sore arm after falling off a scooter.

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Running, cycling, kayaking & platelet donating

When Cantabrian Todd Kraiger isn’t working or spending time with family, you’ll find him out running up and down the Port Hills, cycling around the Canterbury plains or kayaking on the Waimakariri River.

Ella Rose

Ella-Rose's Story

Hypogammaglobulinemia is a bit of a tongue-twister, but for teenager Ella-Rose Meagher, it’s a way of life that she manages with spirit, maturity, 25mL of EVOGAM® every six days, and a good dose of humour.

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Joshua's Story

15 year old Joshua Baxter is a typical teenager. When he’s not at school, you’ll find him practicing new tricks at his local skate park, surfing the net or taking the occasional trip with his mates, but every Sunday night,...

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Heke Family Story

When Joseph Heke (Ngapuhi/Ngati Hineuru) started dating his girlfriend Melissa (Ngati Maniapoto) in 2007, it not only led him on a path towards becoming a husband and father, but also put him on a path to saving lives.

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O'Shea Family Story

Whangaparaoa resident Brian O’Shea has been donating blood for 43 years but since his wife, Nancy was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 10 years ago, the value of his donations have taken on a special meaning much closer to home.


Troy's Story

I had been a blood donor since 16. I used to donate plasma as I was often overseas and I couldn’t donate whole blood due to the areas I worked in.

Haultain family

Haultain Family Story

The Haultain family of Hamilton are a modern medical miracle.


Madie's Story

Ask Madie King when her life changed forever and she will quickly rattle off September 8, 2010.

Melissa's Story

Melissa's Story

When Melissa Ioane used to donate blood, she knew she was helping to save lives but it wasn’t until she needed blood transfusions herself, that she truly realised how important blood donors were.

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Liam's Story

Two years ago, 15 year old Liam Fisher thought he'’d just hurt his leg skateboarding. However when the ‘injury’ didn’t go away an x-ray, after a trip to a physiotherapist, revealed osteosarcoma – a type of cancer that starts in...


Routine blood check saves donor

The simple reason that Treyton Maddock regularly donates blood is that he likes the idea of helping others. Fortunately no one in his family has ever needed a blood transfusion or blood product, but that’s the point - one day...

Samual Reid 2

Would you walk 150kms to help save a stranger’s life?

Nothing gets in the way of 58-year-old Samuel Reid from donating plasma every two weeks. Not even a whopping two hour walk from his home in Otahuhu to the Epsom Blood Center will put Samuel off.

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